Monday, February 10, 2014

Sister Florida

Dear Family,
Oh. My. Goodness. So much has happened this week.
Thanks so much for the Valentines Day card and chocolate!! I loved
it!!! I got it in the mail this morning. I love mail! That's so cool
that our Ward had a baptism! Who is this person? I don't think anyone
has told me about him before.
This message should be conveyed to Spencer Ockey: you should obey my father.
Last Sunday A was baptized! It was so great! Sister Heckel and I
sang the Childeren's hymn "Baptism" with Sister Burnett (a lady in Rs
presidency who sings professionally) playing piano. It was so fun! I
don't know if singing with Zone Leaders present was such a good idea
though, because they asked us that night if we would sing at Zone
Conference that Wednesday. We sang "A Believers Prayer" by Sally
DeFord. I don't know why they schedule the musical numbers right after
lunch, but that's what they did :/ . Elder Weaver baptized A and
made up for assigning us to sing by playing the piano for us at Zone
Conference (he can sight read.... basically anything). I will forever
have the words he excitedly said to A in a tone you would use to
talk to a child when they got in the water, "What's your full name?!"
A was then confirmed yesterday! She seemed a little flustered
afterwards because the person confirming her said her last name
wrong... None the less, she's feeling the Spirit!!
Then on Monday we went to the JAX Zoo! Except for it not having polar
bears, it was soooooo cool! It was the perfect temperature and there
was nobody there. All the animals were out and about. Got to feed some
birds. The Japanese Gardens didn't have any alive foliage (the only
way to know if there's winter down here besides it being cold outside
every other week.) of course, our week to have the bikes, it gets cold
outside ;).  But we did learn that bamboo is the fastest growing plant
ever. Once clocked in growing 47 inches in one day. Check it.
At Zone Conference this last Wed. we got iPads. I was tagged in a
picture that Sister Craig took on Facebook. In the picture, everyone
else is smiling or making a funny face but me. Blank face. No one was
expecting her to come in and take a picture. That was exactly how I
was feeling. In that room Elder Clarke (one of the AP's who's standing
at the front of the room) is taking us through the rigamarole of
setting up our iPads. My brain exploded two minutes into it. Really
good trainings on online work after the mess of technical stuff. Be
careful what you put on Facebook! You might think that only your
friends can see your posts, but one Facebook post has the potential of
being seen by 54,000 people.
Sister Hutchins and Sister Heckel are working on a blog called "When
You Believe in God" and are trying to gather 1,000 miracles in a year.
A college student in Colorado would read it for a pick me up everyday
and now is taking lessons from local missionaries! If any if y'all
have a miracle experience you want to share, could you email it to me?
1,000 miracles in a year is a hefty goal. We'll get it up on the blog,
then you can link the experience on your Facebook profile! Bring an
even bigger audience to the blog.
These things sure are nifty. They sure keep you accountable too. Elder
Zwick himself could go into our iPads from his iPad and see what we're
doing. I'm ok at typing on this thing, but not that fast. President
just sent an email reminding everyone about Siri. That might be easier
to send emails on. But right now we're still at lunch so that would be
weird to do in a public place.
Elder Zwick pulled some strings and got permission for missionaries in
the FJM to be able to go to the temple twice on their
missions!!!!!!!!! I get to go THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!!! They're getting
those who have already passed their halfway points. Last week it
didn't look like those who have already passed would be able to go,
but Elder Huntington (the other AP) just called a few minutes ago and
said I'm going with the Whitehouse STL's and Sister Orton (Sister
Heckels companion). I wasn't going to tell y'all unless it was for
sure I could go. We were actually put under an oath of secrecy at the
beginning if November. Elder Zwick told us then that he was going to
try and get permission for us to go, but it was still shaky if it was
going to happen. Love that man!
President is also making calls today. Sister Heckels been having
dreams that she was going to become an STL. Her anxiety finally burst
today and she texted President to ask him to tell her that her dreams
have been false. They are true! Sister Heckel will be moving out of
Normandy next week at transfers. Who is going to tell me how much tips
are? Who is going to take my bike off the car's bike rack? I'm so sad.
Sister Whiting (one of the SLC's - equivalent to an AP Sister) is
finishing her mission next week. It's so strange to see people going
home. I wonder who will be ascending to the SLC-ship next? We haven't
heard about anyone else though. Just FYI emails will be on Tuesday
next week. Transfers just throw my week out of whack.
E is basically all done with the lessons now! There's a couple of
things that have to be taught, like daily prayer and scripture study,
but we don't have to worry about that. We taught tithing and law of
chastity this week. So E will probably be baptized in the Dunn Avenue Ward (North JAX). :( he's
really serious about being baptized though! It was such a priveledge
to find and teach him! Totally elect. I'm so sad.
Best of times, worst of times. Bitter sweet. I'll miss Sister Heckel
and E. I wasn't even her companion and she totally turned
everything around for me!
Loving the mission!
Just and FYI again... y'all can email me anytime on Monday. Two other
sisters are chatting with their families right now.
-Sister Carlson