Saturday, May 7, 2016

1st of March 2016 email to Sister Jess

Dear Jess,

I looked at the San Diego weather on line. It said you were finally getting more rain, which California desperately needs. Utah on the other hand has had lots of moisture so we are looking forward to a beautiful spring!!

Glad your still finding people to teach. It also sounds like you are doing lots of singing! I'm sure you are touching many hearts. Julz informed me this morning that she had a dream about you last night. Then she got dressed and went to church to play the organ for sacrament meeting. Jenny came to our church to support Julz and ended sitting up in the choir seats next to Julz for the entire sacrament meeting. I thought it was pretty cool.

Jen also went to her church and came home with a new calling as the Ward missionary. So that's pretty cool. Missionaries are awesome!

Dad helped me sew a quilted block yesterday. I joined a quilting group with some of the women in our Ward. The first block I sewed by myself turned out terrible because I cut the square blocks wrong. I was going to quit then dad walked into the bonus room where I was sewing and noticed how discouraged I was. So he sat down and cut out all new square blocks for me only in the right size. Then he mentioned better ways to sew the blocks together and guess what?  It turned out beautiful! I meet with the quilting group this Tuesday night and I can't wait to show and tell!

I'll probably write more tomorrow.

Love, mom