Saturday, May 7, 2016

December 2015 email to Jess

Dad and I are going on a private tour of the Provo City Center Temple tonight with Bishop Crow and Sandy! Right now Jake took Dad and your sisters to the new Star Wars movie. I'm saving my strength for the tour since I have a small cold. Yuck. 

Dear Jess,

Can't wait to find out where you are living. Tomorrow we are going to try and get dad on the Frontrunner train and head to Temple Square for a FHE activity. Hoping Sister Weidman will be there even though it will be a Monday.

Today was our Christmas program and it went very well. Mathew and Julz's duet sounded great with the choir and congregation. The primary children singing always brings such a sweet spirit. Dad went with me to our first Stake Presidency meeting with President Ouderkirk early this morning. I think he is going to like his stake calling.

Tomorrow I hope to get my cookie baking done and then all I have left is present wrapping and house cleaning. I've started eating sweets since last Thursday with work party and choir dinner party last night. I hope to get back to a cleaner lifestyle tomorrow, I really feel much better cutting out 70% carbs and 90% sweets. We'll see how strong I can be. I'm going to ask Heavenly Father for some extra help!

For this coming week the weather shows snow storms every very day except tomorrow shows rain showers. I guess we better take our umbrella's.

Love, mom