Saturday, May 7, 2016

February 2016 emails to Jess

Dear Jess,

I still can't believe you didn't tell me you no longer needed to take birth control. Please give us a few details on why you think your body changed. I'm sure Jen would like to stop taking the pill but she had to change her prescription due to painful periods again last fall.

I'm taking Julz to the doctors on Wednesday for acne medication. We've been trying for three months and still can't get rid of the bacteria so we'll see how that route takes us.

Dad left this mornings to drive to New Mexico to inspect a dam. He had to drive a big trailer and Jen said he called earlier today to let us know a deer ran into his trailer while driving on the freeway but he was fine and the truck he was driving was fine. Apparently his trailer is pretty smashed on one side but it still travels fine. Dad won't get back until Thursday night so we will hold down the fort until he gets back.

Next week will be Julz's first time playing the Organ for sacrament meeting. I'm a nervous nelly but she seems very calm. I just won't let her know how nervous I really am.

We are so happy about your baptism. Dad wanted me to read your email out loud to him and your sisters but I couldn't get through without crying, so from now on he can read them out loud.

Stay safe, and continue to be grateful for life!

Love, mom

Dear Jess,

Last night we had a really wonderful valentines dinner and dance over at our church. Everyone was invited over eighteen which included Jen and Hannah. The food was pretty good, but the company was awesome. One funny game was played with couples and then great music and dancing. I was so tired when I got home I fell a sleep with my makeup on.

Yesterday dad and I had our cholesterol and blood pressure taken in the morning at the Sam's Club grocery pharmacy. My cholesterol came down another fifteen points from last month and dad was shocked to see that his blood pressure was way to high.  So we are back to focusing on a more plant based diet. I've got to make more hummus dip with chick peas so dad won't eat so much sour cream or cream cheese dip.  And, he needs to cut way back on chips and salty crackers and just eat whole grain crackers. Jen wants us to get off meat but I can't really seeing that happening, although we could eat it more sparingly like the word of wisdom states.

Now that valentines is over maybe we can cut out the sugar again. Tonight was Mathew Rubows eagle court of honor and afterwards Rachel had a ton of desserts and sweets!! I just took some grapes and went out into the foyer. I've started making spinach, frozen banana, and frozen berry smoothies for Julz and I almost every day. I think that's why my cholesterol is coming down. Julz has had a surprise break out of acne on her forehead lately and it has gotten worse so we are trying to help her with diet and anything else that might help.

I remember reading a couple of years ago how a plant base diet has helped women with endometriosis. Maybe we can try and get you and Jen off drugs by trying a strict regime someday. I'm just happy that your health has been so good while you've been out in California!!

Today dad and I taught our last lessons for Ward conference. We attended the 10th Ward where Anna Casperson's dad is now the bishop.  Their choir was big and very good today. The spirit was so strong in Sacrament meeting and dad taught a great Gospel Doctrine class afterwards. Next week we still have one more Ward conference to attend but dad and I don't have to teach. Sigh

Well tomorrow grandpa Carlson turns 90 years old!! We are taking him out to lunch so I need to get some shut eye. We thoroughly enjoy your emails each week. Drive safely. The news came out later in the week that the bus driver that killed the sister missionary last week and injured another ran a red light. So there wasn't much the sisters could do. So sad for the families but I'm sure our Heavenly Father is taking great care of his missionaries every where!!

Love, mom