Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sister San Diego

Things to help you smile today:
~~~I'm sure I've mentioned this in a previous email.. but Sister Davis
makes loud noises in her sleep. ALAS! Things have changed. Sister
Pitcher and I discussed something Sister Mae at the MTC had taught us"
Consecrating and dedicating" ones dreams. Sister Davis has been trying
it out and now she's PREACHING the gospel every night. "AND THAT IS
It's fantastic.
~Right in the middle of a lesson with one of our recent converts
(C) a young lad came storming into the room yelling "WHERE IS THE
A moment of silence. The small child then left the room. C: "It
does kind of smell like beacon..."
~~~You may have noticed, but we're using Facebook now. After about a 3
day period, Sister Pitcher received 984 friend requests. "What order
of Nun are you Sister Pitcher?" They ask. Sister Pitcher hid her face
in her arms and stated "I just want to be a normal nun..."
~~~We had a dinner appointment with the one and only Lei Ma. She told
us she would be picking up a pizza from Costco. The thought flashed
through my mind "Wait... She rides a scooter."
Yes. Lei folded the Pizza AND BOX to shove inside her small scooter's
carriage compartment.
~~~Another dinner appointment! The two things in this world that
Sister Pitcher is allergic to: blue cheese. Chocolate.
While finishing up a piece of corn bread, Sister Pitcher tour apart
the remains and asked "This is fantastic! Is there something else in
Sister Fisher's reply? "WHY YES! Blue cheese"
~~~While eating breakfast in the morning, Sister Davis made herself a
breakfast burrito. Previously, Sister Pitcher and I had chopped up a
bunch of potatoes but left half of them uncooked to save for later.
Sister Davis devoured an entire breakfast burrito with raw potatoes
inside. We didn't notice and she didn't say anything until the last
few bites. Sister Davis: "This tastes strange".
Sister Pitcher and I glanced over then found ourselves on the floor of
the apartment not being able to breath.
That is missionary work.
But now I'll actually talk about the work.
THE WORK! Ah :) The work.
YESTERDAY! We saw so many miracles. Let's get a little pretext here:
Sunday NONE of our investigators came to church. Keep in mind some
formers and other non-members came, but hey, hard day.
P! A gal from Turkey randomly came to the YSA Ward sacrament
service. She came and left early but as we followed up with her the
next day, she described how everything the speakers had said were
"written for me. It's like they knew exactly who I was and what I
needed to hear. I want to know what makes this church different."
As we taught her the truths of the restoration, all of her questions
were answered. She readily accepted baptism and we set a date with her
for the 8th of October. As our meeting concluded, she stood and said
"All of you are so beautiful! It shines through you to me. Thank you"
A! A also randomly (Heh... I saw randomly... But you know what I
mean "The Lord doesn't do random") went to the family Ward in
University City. She had looked it up on google and just went by
herself. The sisters in that Ward called us up, we called up A,
then we were meeting with her at the institute! A explained how she
had never been religious but knew that her LDS friend back home had
something she wanted. As we got to know A more, my heart hurt with
the story of her past. As I described Heavenly Father A commented
"hmm that's nice, never had one of those."
The room fell to a silence as A read the promise in the Book of
Mormon. She understood then continued reading the blessings in the
last paragraph of the introduction. Finishing it's last words, she
looked up with wide eyes. "So Jesus.. He's coming back?"
Sister Pitcher looked her square in the eye with the reply "Yes. Yes he is."
She ALSO readily accepted the invitation to follow the savior's
example and be baptized on October 8th.
We love both A and P so much.
I'll close with M. She's been less active her entire life but as
we met her in a crowded place, noise and ruckus all around, the spirit
told her heart our words were true. She told us she wanted her family
to be sealed in the temple, tears falling from us all.
It's not necessarily about holy places. It's about holy people.

The field is white. I love this work more than anything.

-Sister Carlson

Sister Whitcomb

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