Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

Amelia Earhart Elementary

 Jess at UVU

 Science Team at Payson Jr. High
Homemade eclipse viewer

Eclipse in the tree shadow.
 GW's shadow

 Smith Rock Park
One of my favorite photo's shown on Facebook

 Nasa Photo of the Solar Eclipse

It was also President Monson's 90th Birthday!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Tomorrow I start back working as an aide at school. Every year I feel anxious and a little nervous. I will miss my friends and former co-workers who won't be coming back to Amelia Earhart Elementary. They really made the work environment fun.

This year I will have a new boss and, yes, he is a male. I've been working for Provo School District for eight years, and all the people I worked with have been female. I'm not too worried; I shared cross guarding time with Jonathan last year and he was very nice. I just don't like change, and some of the ladies who aren't coming back were very good friends.

Jen started her work at Payson Junior High today. School for her doesn't start until next week but all the teachers at her school start getting ready this week. I hope she enjoys her new job even though Junior High can be challenging. Jenny and Jessie continue to have the Carter brothers over for dinner and other activities. They are such nice young men and GW and I really like them.

Jessie has been a case worker this summer for Kids on the Move. It's a non profit school that helps children with special needs and their families. She drives all around Utah Valley and works with families in their home environment. She really likes her job even though she caught a cold last week from one of her students. College for Jessie starts soon at UVU, and she will move to part time work while she attends classes.

Julz has also been working for a school part time. It is called Nomen Global on Center Street. It's a language school to help teach English for students all around the world who move to Utah. A ward member friend owns it, and he hired Julie a few years ago to file and do book work for him. It's nice for her to have a little money on the side so I don't have to buy all her saxophone reeds!

Julz started back at Provo High today even though it really doesn't begin until tomorrow. She gets to attend a leadership meeting for National Honor Society and band and have lunch. We were able to do a little clothes shopping and ended up buying summer shorts on sale. She is excited to be involved with Chamber Choir this year along with marching and jazz band.

Jacob brought Brittany over last week for her lasagna birthday dinner. She is eighteen months older than Jacob and started working for Revere Health across the street from Utah Valley Hospital. They seem to be settling in. Hopefully Brittany can encourage Jacob to finish his degree! Right now he seems to be looking into other options.

GW and I worked all day Saturday putting up sheet rock. I'm learning so much about building even though he is doing most of the physical work. I find it fun having something to do together. It may take a while to get everything finished but we are in no hurry.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mountain Lion Killed Downtown Salt Lake City
                       Sometimes I like to post interesting news articles for posterity.
Tuesday August 1, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — A police officer shot and killed a charging mountain lion in downtown Salt Lake City Tuesday.
The animal was spotted by a Gold Cross ambulance crew near 600 East and South Temple about 3 a.m. Tuesday. When officers arrived, the mountain lion had moved to 15 South and 500 East, where it was cornered near an unoccupied building, Salt Lake Police Sgt. Brandon Shearer said.
In hopes of tranquilizing and relocating the mountain lion, representatives from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources were called to the area as officers held the large cat at bay for more than an hour, Shearer said.
However, the DWR biologist who shot at the cat with a tranquilizer dart missed, and the animal got up and rushed at an officer.
The mountain lion "got fairly close to the officer before he put it down," Shearer said.
"The officer was concerned not only for his own safety but the safety of the neighborhood if the mountain lion did get away from them," the sergeant said.
Riley Peck, wildlife program manager for the DWR's central region, shared his appreciation for the officer's support, noting that even if the big cat had been hit with the dart, the tranquilizer would not have taken effect immediately.
The animal's appearance downtown is rare but not unprecedented. The young male mountain lion had likely recently left its mother's side and would have been looking for territory of its own, Peck said.
"It is rare, but it's not completely unusual for us to see a mountain lion in town," Peck said.
Anytime a wild animal makes it into an area where it shouldn't be, Peck said the priority is to capture the animal and release it later.
"In a perfect world, we're always trying to eliminate the safety threat of a wild animal being in close proximity to people and get it back in its natural habitat," he said. "That attempt was made today, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful."
Because the mountain lion was in a small area near the unoccupied building, officers felt they didn't need to close roads or areas of the neighborhood.
Shearer has worked with Salt Lake police for about 14 years and has seen cases of mountain lions in urban areas twice in the past year, posing a threat to pets and humans.
"Our goal is to work with the DWR to get them safely out of the city without harming them, but sadly that wasn't an option this time," he said.
Anyone who encounters a wild animal where it shouldn't be, such as a neighborhood or a park, should go inside, call police dispatch and wait for law enforcement and the DWR to help, Peck said.
"Typically they're not in the city seeking people, they're trying to find their own habitat and have just gotten a little bit lost, but it's still very important to stay safe and stay away from the animal," Peck said. 
 McKenzie Romero
29 Pending

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another summer project!

Finally working on the laundry room and 3rd bathroom.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"To live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven."
Thomas S. Monson

There's always something to be grateful for, folks.