Monday, April 24, 2017


Julz and Noah 

Promenade at Provo City Library

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

General Conference and Ragnar Race 2017

Jesse, Jen and JJ

Ragnar Race California

Oh to be young again.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Jacob and Brittany's Special Day

BYU Food to Go!

The Esser Family

Stone Gate in Pleasant Grove

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Break in Utah

 These two were babies when we first moved into our home. Trevor has lived across the street with a bunch of handsome brothers. He returned from the Pilippines last summer and is attending UVU like Jessie.

 Beautiful Sundance Resort

I think they had fun!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I was asked to be Muriel for our school's Literacy Scholar activity last Friday.  The students who attended didn't know it was me, except for one fifth grader who recognized my voice.
I lost my gnarly rope and Home Depot was out of it at two different stores. So I just purchased wimpy rope.

Muriel and I go back six years. On Halloween, when Julie was in 4th grade, I was Muriel for her school halloween party. I liked dressing up as a witch and having blond hair was a nice change. Julie and her sisters really enjoyed reading the Fablehaven books so I got hooked. 

I hope the books turn into a movie series someday. 

Brandon Mull is quite the gifted writer. At least the Carlson home thinks so.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Where is Waldo

Jess and other ward members dressed up last Wednesday evening and drove to the Provo Mall.. The Young Men and Young Women went over as well to see if they could find the Waldo's of our ward. Jessie came home with a big candy bar for winning the best disguise. She could not be found even though the youth passed her many times hanging out around the food court. 


First Year for organ and piano music.

Julz got a high fever after the recital and had to miss school for the rest of the week. Kidney's can be very sensitive after surgery. She is doing much better and is looking forward to getting on with life. I on the other hand got called to be the Ward Young Women's Secretary today at church. Yes they want me back at girl's camp the first week of June. I'm very tempted to take sleeping pills this time!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kidney Stone on Valentines Day

I got a call from Julz around 9:00 am at Provo High Tuesday morning saying she was having pain around her abdomen area. Luckily it wasn't very busy at my school concerning aide work, so I didn't have to get a sub. When I arrived at Provo High I could tell by looking at Julie that she had been crying. I hurried and checked her out and drove straight to Utah Valley Medical Center.

Our family has a history for appendicitis and I didn't want to take any chances. The first thing the nurse did was ask Julz for a urine sample. When she came out of the ladies room Julie told me she had blood in her urine, I knew we had come to the right place.

It took forever to get ready for an ultra sound test since Julie needed two bags of liquids to get her organs in the right position.  After the ultra sound, (which took an hour), Julz threw up. Next thing we know she is wheeled back to ER getting prepped for a cat scan. Her appendix looked fine but her kidney had fluid around it and there was a little rupture on the outside. I stayed in Julie's ER room while the nurse wheeled her to the cat scan. That test only took about twenty minutes.

Finally lunch time had passed and the ER Doctor Cox informed us that Julie had an 8mm kidney stone on top of her bladder!! What, my sixteen year-old, a kidney stone! I was very surprised since I'm the only one who has ever gotten a kidney stone. Plus I was forty-two years old!! My stone was from nursing too much and not drinking enough. Where in the heck did Julie's come from?

The next thing we know Doctor Cox was calling Doctor Platt the Urologist for surgery. Luckily there was an opening for the next day.  GW volunteered to take Julie so I didn't have to miss any more work. By the time we got home on Valentines day it was almost early evening and she was actually feeling better. Julz went to bed and slept the entire night without any pain. Go figure.


Wednesday arrived and the surgery was a success. Julie was able to come home the very same day. Lot's of friends came over with flowers, cookies, soft blankets, and one teddy bear.

                             I had to take a picture of this giant card from Julie's bio-tech class.
Yes that is a kidney stone made out of foil.

Needless to say it has been an emotional week due to pain pills, lots of support coming from family and friends. From now on I think Julie will be drinking much more water and fluids.

Hopefully no more stones will come to pass.