Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March and GW

     Twenty-two years ago this month I met this handsome guy.  It was the year 1990.  He had been at the home of a friend in West Bountiful when my brother came knocking at the door to ask whether his friend knew the whereabouts of a neighbor next door. My brother and this handsome guy looked at each other during the conversation, and when the friend finished, this handsome guy asked my brother if he was Kent Whitney.  They had a conversation and then my brother left. The friend looked bewildered and was told that Kent had lived next door long before the handsome guy had met his friend in high school. In fact, said the handsome guy to his friend, he had a sister who I never asked out. About then, the handsome guy bounded down the steps, ran out to my brother’s car at the curb and eventually talked my brother into giving up my phone number. After getting my phone number, he called and told me, "Marci, this is a voice from your past."  Then he introduced himself as Gary Carlson.  All I could remember were the wild Carlson brothers who lived close to our apartment when my family first moved to Utah around 1966.  Mrs. Carlson let us build a spook alley in their basement with sheets and blankets.
   I don't remember Gary being there, but my brothers and his younger brothers liked to hang out.  I only lived in the Colonial Garden Apartment Complex for two years. Then my family moved to the north side of Bountiful.  Later during my teenage years, I remember seeing a blond haired, tanned guy riding around Bountiful on a motor cycle. I think he smiled and said hi to me once. I knew he was a Carlson, I just wasn't sure which one.

Gary and I dated for three months after that first phone call in March.  Here we are standing next to my step dad and foster brother in Kanab, Utah.  I don't know why my mom wrote our names on our shirts.

We got married June 16th, 1990.
Nine months and two days later we had this little guy J#1, also during the month of March.