Saturday, May 26, 2012

School is out, need I say more.
Today I got to spend time in my flower and veggie garden.  Doing yard work on a cool spring morning is even better!  The wind started blowing really hard after two hours of pulling weeds and supporting my new fruit trees that I planted last year.  Being outside around nature is so calming and satisfying. I even like to listen to the strong winds blowing our neighbors big trees that shade our yard. Now it's sprinkling so I've come inside to blog. 
I've been thinking about joining twitter but I just can't bring myself to making up one more password.  I have so many passwords to link up. There's my library card,, Facebook, Provo School District, Comcast Email,  and a few others where I've already forgotten the stupid top secret word.  It's funny, I try and memorize the passwords as all related but even then I get those mixed up.
Twitter has some highlights that I would like to follow.  There is news, theatre, and music.  You don't have to own a cell phone, which I don't.
I'll have to keep thinking about it.  Meanwhile enjoy your summer, I know I will!!