Thursday, October 4, 2012


Three years ago for Halloween I dressed up as Muriel the witch from the book Fablehaven.  It was my first year as a recess guard and the younger grades couldn't figure out why I liked chewing on a big rope with knots. The fun part was some of the older kids actually recognized me.  One young man came up to me with a big smile on his face and asked if I was who he thought I was.  It was great!

That night when the little kiddies came to our house I enjoyed opening the door slowly.  I tried not to chew on the rope in front of the small wee ones. The flavor of the knots were so delicious I couldn't help myself. Plus it kept my nerves calm.  I even had a scary sign on my door that said, "Muriel's Shack"

This year I have a good friend who wants to borrow my favorite costume.  I even let her read the book.  In fact  last week  Jewels and I stood in a long line at the Provo Library so Brandon Mull could sign five of his hard bound books that we proudly own.

The exciting part is a new Fablehaven series will be coming out soon. We can't wait!