Monday, October 15, 2012

Moroni, Utah

Did you know Moroni, Utah has an Opera House?  Over the weekend  we were invited to my cousin's daughter's wedding and it was held in this magnificent building.  The Opera House is the oldest public building in Moroni and one of three surviving 19th century opera houses in Utah.

 After it was built in 1891 there was an orchestra pit, a beautiful stage, and the house could seat 1,000 people.  There were also town meetings and political events held there as well.  By 1930 it was converted to a Monson Flour Mill; from the 1940's to 1989 it was used for storage.  Then the town's historical committee got together and was able to raise money to restore the Opera House to it's original features.

I wish had a picture of the stage, it's on the opposite side of this large room.  The curtains are a dark red velvet and the hanging lamps even look old fashioned.  Where ever my extended family meets it's always an exciting time for me.  Funerals are sad but weddings are special.

My cousin Norma married a turkey farmer so after the wedding luncheon we went to see the turkeys.

We saw turkeys that were only three weeks old, and then we got to see the big forty pound Tom Turkeys that are ready to go to the turkey plant for Thanksgiving.  My cousin Stan told me that the big Tom Turkeys usually go to restaurants only.  There were hundreds of them.

The smell would be something I would have to get used to but the country is always my favorite place to be.