Monday, February 25, 2013

Taste Vs. Nutrition

Julz went to district with her science fair project.  She took the pulp from our juice machine and baked them with brownies.  #1 was normal, #2 had apple pulp, and #3 had spinach, carrot, kale and celery.  Then she went around the neighborhood to see what they liked best. Half knew what was in the brownies, the other half did not.


Most of the people who didn't know what was in the brownies chose brownie #1.  The people who did know what was in the brownies chose different favorites than expected.  Three people in the category chose #1, four people chose #2, and one person chose brownie #3.
That was Henny Penny of course.

Julz and her friend Carson.

A fifth grader from the school I worked at last year.  I forgot her name but she wanted me to take a picture of her anyway. So cute.