Saturday, March 23, 2013


Jen made it to Florida! It's 67 degrees there with 87 percent humidity.  It will be raining this weekend while we enjoy another snow storm.  The ten day forecast said Florida will get in the 80's next week. I wouldn't mind flying out there for spring break!
The picture is kind of fuzzy since I took it from my gmail.
President and Sister Barry are from Provo Utah.  Jenny went to school with their son Mathew Barry at Provo High.  He came home from Brazil last summer.
President and Sister Barry come home in July.  I'm sure they will be excited to be reunited with their family.
I stayed up until midnight reading the Jackson Florida Mission blog. It was wonderful!  I also dream't that I went to the same mission as a missionary sometime during the night.  I don't remember seeing Jenny or Gary in my dream. Weird.
We hope to hear from Sister Carlson this Monday!