Friday, May 31, 2013

Memoir from Me "Plants by Mail"

This is the first time I’ve ordered plants by mail.  I was very hesitant at first because when my plants arrived they looked very dead. I bought three trees, two rose bushes, and three perennial grass bushes.  After a month of being in the dirt two of the Red Maple trees are coming to life.  The roses have always looked healthy and I only have one grass plant showing green so far.

Pink rose bush to hide ugly pipe.

First perennial grass bush.

I spend $25.00 every year for three annual grasses.  The magazine said my perennial grasses should survive our cold winters.  (we’ll see)

When the maple trees came in the mail they all looked like dead little sticks with roots on them.

#1 Red Maple Tree
 # 2 Red Maple Tree
 #3 Red Maple Tree
There’s no sign of green yet; it still looks dead.

This is what they are supposed to look like someday.


The exciting part was that the trees were only $1.00 each, Pink Roses were $3.00 each, and the grasses were also $3.00 each.
I did have to pay a $12.00 shipping fee.
So if I don’t succeed in bringing back all of the plants by mail to life, I won’t feel too disappointed.