Friday, June 28, 2013

I love Sundays!!

Saw Bob Manning singing with the choir at the World Wide Conference
, and we got to listen to several Apostles and the
Prophet! That was one of the coolest experience on my mission.

President Barry is going to be released next week I think. Since they
live in Provo, you should consider going to their homecoming!

So much has happened this week!

On Tuesday we met with the G family again. They actually dropped us.
Sister G has been going to another church with a friend of hers and
she likes that one better. It really came down to reading. They are
not big readers, and they just didn't want to do the things we were
asking. I was thinking about entitling this letter "Mine Eyes Water My
Pillow by Night" but then the Worldwide Training conference happened
and most of the sadness is gone now. That was not a fun day. We met
with Maggie right after that appointment. I'm so glad we did! Feeling
the Spirit there and seeing how much she's changed made me feel that
at least I was making a difference in someone's life.

Wednesday we met with Linda. She is having some problems with the Book
of Mormon. She hates the sentence structure, and every now and then I
get the feeling that she's not very interested.
But she's still putting her best foot forward.

Thursday we had District Meeting and went out right after to teach
this lady and her daughter. It was a really great first lesson, Sister
Atkinson and I really practiced the 'how to begin teaching' a lot.
They both committed to be baptized, but then we realized that one of
them (the daughter) was already baptized in our church. She still
wants to be baptized again... We'll see how it goes. They didn't make
it to church yesterday...

Friday was meh. Weekly Planning went O.K. but we didn't have any
appointments so we spent the whole day knocking on doors. Met some
interesting people.

Saturday was AMAZING. First thing in the morning at 11am we go out and
the second house we go to, we spy a man outside doing yardwork. He was
trimming his bushes with a machete. That was an easy conversation
starter. He gave us some cold water bottles and sat outside on his
porch with us talking. Turns out, S is a major construction guy.
He made houses for a really long time, but the crowning achievement of
his career was making a palace for a Shaikh an hour south of Abu
Dhabi. But the great part, is that he's a Faith Healer. A Legit one.
He's not ordained to anything or a part of any particular religion, he
just studied from the Bible the correct way to do it. You can't have
any fear, it all is by faith. I wish I could write more about him, but
I'm short on time. Y'all wrote a lot of emails. After visiting Scott,
we ate lunch with a member. After lunch we met with this lady across
the street named Tami (it's her birthday today). She's got two cool
birds who talk named Kikoo and Baby. She's so spiritual and in tune
with the Gospel, she is Elect squared! She said in passing that she
was going to have the whole book of 1 Nephi finished by the time we
met with her again! She committed to be baptized, but she's also in
the process of moving and everything in her temporal world is up in
the air at the moment. We'll nail down a date hopefully.

Then yesterday happened! We almost spent the whole day with Maggie.
This time for Sacrament, we sat in the gluten free section where we
got a stale rice Pattie (Maggie's allergic to gluten). She also went
to the Broadcast (President Barry recommended we bring Investigators).
She really liked the new YW Pres.'s testimony. Fantastic day!

Love y'all!!

~Sister Carlson