Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Memoir from Marci

Last Saturday while I was waiting for the Provo Children’s Parade to begin, a flood of memories started to come back.  We have been participating in the 4th of July parades for the last twenty-two years.  It all started when we bought our first home three houses north from center street in Provo.  I took Jake to the Children’s Parade at the age of one on the back of my bike while one month old Jenny slept at home with GW.  Here is our first home we purchased May 1992.

As I was walking by after the parade the new owners were having a garage sale.  I remember when GW put the new roof on the house when it only used to be 800 square feet.  We bought the home for $50.000 and sold it eight years later to the city for $98.000. That’s when I became a believer in investing in real estate. Provo City added more rooms to the back of the house and built two even windows in the front with shutters.

I miss the big sycamore trees because when it came time to watch the parades we were always cool.  After the Children’s parade the big 4th of July parade follows a few days later.  One time we put six week old Jenny in a stroller and walked to center street about a half hour before the parade started and picked a patch of grass to sit on.  There were no people sleeping over night to save places for their extended families. The parade even started from 900 East and went west on Center Street. I never would have imagined that all our kids would later on want to participate with the Provo High Band in all the summer parades around Utah County.

Jen, Jake and Alec Vanhule

Jessie’s first parade 2011

Two years of Color Guard.

  Last Thursday was Jessie’s last parade and next year Julz wants to play the clarinet. Provo High includes soon to be 8th graders from Dixon Middle School so once again, we start all over.

Provo Children’s Parade 2013

Jess and percussion.

Provo City 4th of July Parade

Six months after Jessie was born we moved to West Provo and rented our property until GW’s job, Geneva Steel closed down.  I will always cherish the memories of our little white house with the big shady trees. The 4th of July has a tender spot in my heart and probably will for years to come.