Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Journey to the Gym

It’s been three weeks today since I started participating at the Provo City Rec Center to improve my cardio.  There have been good benefits and some very sore benefits. One of the good ones is that I’m sleeping really well at night!
The first two weeks at the gym I was spending thirty minutes a day on the INTENSE stair master and my personal favorite, the treadmill.  Only this time I cannot run on the treadmill due to my sensitive ankles.  On a good day I can walk up to 3.2 mph.

I had to stop Zumba for a while because I was once again over doing it with a bunch of twenty year olds.  I did notice a few thirty and forty year olds but only once in a while I spotted someone close to my age.  I’ll go back some day when my calves aren’t killing me!

Years ago when I was working in the restaurant business I started to put too much weight on my bones so I went to a Health Wellness Resort in St. George for three weeks. It was kind of like a Biggest Loser Resort only not a competitive environment. There was a great chef that cooked all our meals and the women that bought reservations were from all over the western part of the United States. Back then I only needed to take off about thirty pounds, so I really enjoyed the long hikes up the Red Rock Canyons listening to Whitney Houston on my miniature tape cassette.  After three weeks I succeeded in taking off half the weight and finished the rest when I got home.  It was just nice to get away and relax and have somebody else cooking great, healthy, tasty meals.  The resort followed at that time the popular “Lower Your Fat Thermostat” book.

One thing I learned from the St. George gym experience is that swimming and bicycling were one of the exercises that seemed to be easy on my legs and muscles. The Provo Rec Center has some really nice bikes that work smooth and gradually give me a great workout!  That’s where my journey has taken me at this time.  I still lift weights Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  For six days out of the week I do the twenty-five minutes on the treadmill, then I go over to one of the awesome bikes and do a good twenty minutes at a level eleven. Sunday’s are my rest day and I feel totally satisfied and ready to race the Tour de France on Monday.

Maybe someday I can purchase my own Life Fitness Stationary Bike and not have to drive every day to the gym. I looked up the cost on line and the one I have in mind only starts at $2,500. (gulp) Meanwhile I’m just grateful for a body that works pretty good. This Saturday Sam’s Club is doing free health screenings again so I’ll be able to see if my cholesterol has gone down.  Until next time, keep moving!