Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Memoir from Me "Strange Sightings"

Last week I attended a fun Relief Society activity where we shared recipe’s for large groups of people.  After we ate the food that was brought that evening to sample we started talking about random things.  One of them being life on other planets.  I know, kind of far out there for RS. My neighbor who sat close to me and lives south of our home said that her father in-law had seen a UFO flying object up in Washington state years ago.  So I decided to relate an interesting experience that happened to me and my oldest brother over thirty years ago.  I have only told my immediate family about it before so I thought why not share with others.

There was a big snow storm that hit Northern Utah around 1983 and Kent, my brother, was up on the roof of our house shoveling the snow off so the roof wouldn’t cave in.  I stood on the ground near the house in case he slipped off and fell. I remember the night sky being very clear and  I could look up and see stars everywhere.  Kent and I are pretty close and I enjoyed having some alone time with him so we could talk about whatever came to our minds.

This event all took place after ten pm at night so I don’t remember seeing anyone else out in the neighborhood shoveling snow.  All of sudden three triangular flying objects came up over our house from the north in a very fast, zig zaggy, and synchronized fashion.  That's the only way I can describe it. The flying objects had bright lights but they were very high up in the sky.  They seem to only hover above Bountiful, Utah for no more than about five seconds. I think I was the one who told my brother to look up when all this took place.  We were very quiet after it happened and then Kent told me to run in the house and call KSL radio station to see if any one else may have reported the same sighting.  Unfortunately no one had called in so I’m sure when Kent was done shoveling we went inside and told my mom and sister in-law. I know they believed us but over time I haven’t really given the incident much thought.

When I got home from the RS activity last week I decided to email my brother just to see if he had remembered the cold winter night when we had witnessed a strange sighting.  I didn’t hear from him until the next day.  Sure enough he had remembered and that made me happy.  It’s not every day you experience something way out of this world that you can share with another human being.