Monday, April 21, 2014

Sister Florida

Dear Family,
Wednesday we went out to K's trailer that is going to be demolished
and finished up salvaging everything that could be salvaged. Family
history stuff was hidden everywhere! We found an irreparable banjo
that the Elders wanted to break, so they took a video breaking it to
pieces. Friday after weekly planning we helped move the boxes of
things and the fridge to a storage unit. That was the thing that took
the longest. Some people that were going to come canceled, and another
was called away to give a blessing to a lady in our Ward who had a
heart attack, so there were less people than anticipated. Because of
the emergency, the trailer was pulled by a minivan instead of a truck.
We had a tarp, but on top of that it was raining. The minivan couldn't
back up to K's trailer cause it was all muddy and would have gotten
stuck. So we had to carry or drag everything across the muddy acre on
the rain to the trailer on the street. So what was a 2 hour project
turned to 4. But you can totally see the change in K. A burden has
literally been lifted off her shoulders!!
Last Monday was her birthday (she turned 50) and we had a lesson with
her when p-day was over. Her landlord came over on her birthday and
told her she needed to be out of the small house she was living in by
the end of the month. So now all the stuff we've been moving out of
her trailer AND most everything in her house has to go into storage.
Miracles happening with K! While we were cleaning we found an LDS quad
she was so excited!! Change of heart :)
Our stake showed Handell's Messiah at the stake center on Saturday.
K called and asked if we could go with her. They only showed one of
the three hours of it. I liked it! I don't know if I would ever watch
the full thing if it wasn't in a concert setting and gators were
coming. Wheu! My favorite opera person was the tenor who made all the
faces. Mac Wilburg must have really buff shoulders and arms.

We spent Easter at the Burnetts house. They fed us wonderful briscutt
and let us go hunt eggs with their kids. There were these little slugs
in their lawn and a lot of them got in the plastic eggs through the
holes in the top and bottom. It was really fun!
Anyway. At a District P-Day and everyone wants to play volleyball. Got
to stop here!
Love ya!
~Sister Carlson