Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 6

One more day and I will get to eat again!  I say one day because when you end the fast you have to take it easy getting back to real food for a few days.  So the eighth day I can only drink fresh squeezed orange juice. Bummer, I really, really miss  food tonight.  The lemon drink is getting very old and if I didn't want to change my health so much I would probably stop right now. I think I'll stop Friday morning.  I don't ever want to go on the Master Cleanse again. The book recommends you go for ten days, but a man wrote the thing so I've had enough!

Today I've still felt pretty good I'm just tired of drinking liquids.  My thirty minute walk this morning was nice but I had to take it slower since my body is not the same. I love walking right after a spring rain and the birds were chirping every where. It's like my body has been lifted out of a fog. My senses feel much more intense and I seem to be more aware of things, it's really weird.

I did have some muscle stiffness again this afternoon.  Probably because I went walking earlier. My muscle's must be lacking in some vitamin category but they don't hurt, so I will manage. My 8oz salt drink this morning had sea salt instead of table salt. Jake must have taken my sea salt to his apartment because I had to go buy more.  I'm not drinking a whole entire liter of salt water like the book states.  Just can't go there.