Monday, May 19, 2014

Sister Florida

Hey Family!
Everything is clicking into place for K's baptism! The dress fits,
the program is ready. Everything is a go! K is so solid. She could
probably teach Gospel Principles.
K said something really cute this week. We finished up teaching the
commandments Friday night and after the lesson she and Sister Webster
were talking about their dream house and car. K's dream house
consists of a giant room where her genealogical library would be. When
we asked about her favorite car, she said that it had changed
recently. Her new favorite dream car would have a bike rack on the
back of it. I asked her why, and she said "So I can help the
missionaries out!" Sister McCann and I couldn't stop smiling.
On the way home from that lesson (we had it at the church) Sister
Webster was driving us home and as we were getting into the car, we
spied someone all in black carrying something that looked like a weed
wacker. When we pulled out and drove by, we realized he was holding a
2x4  with a dead cat at the end of it. He plopped the dead cat down on
the ground next to a tree in front of the church. He looked really
sketchy so we didn't stop and ask him what he was doing.  When we came
back on Sunday morning, we found a pile of wood chips where the dead
cat was plopped. We had called bishop about it Friday night, but they
couldn't find it. We showed our Ward mission leader and he and Brother
Duling took care of it like a boss.
Yesterday at church we had a few new gators at church. Brother Brown
was bombarded with questions. One of our new gators who came was
J. She asked the question, "wait, so you have to be baptized in
this church to have the Holy Ghost?" (We were talking about the gift
of the Holy Ghost). Brother Brown responded, "So are we some big
exclusive 'Spirit Club'?" The short answer is no. No one would be able
to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ or this, his work, without highs
Holy Ghost. Joseph Smith wasn't baptized when he saw the First Vision!
We challenged the Elders to another competition! Who can get the most
compliments. I thought it was really useful when we were knocking
doors! Even when people weren't interested, it brightened their day.
We won this time! :)
Anyway. Got to go. We've been running behind. This week is Zone
Conference so we spent a lot of time cleaning the car.
Sister Carlson