Monday, May 26, 2014

Special Day!

Hey Y'all!!
I got you letter Dad. Thank you so much!! I also got the package. Love
it! I agree about the necklace. Thanks for all the well wishes :) I
had a very good Birthday.
Friday was the best day ever. What better to do on your Birthday than
have a Baptism? Only the other Sisters knew that it was my Birthday. I
didn't want it to take away from it being K's special moment. K was so excited! 

She's the best. Very happy day! Sister McCann made me
a very nice chocolate cake. We only ate one piece each though. Gave
me some tummy problems. So we gave the rest to the Elders. Sisters
Carr and Call sticky noted our apartment! Lots of sticky notes on
Zone Conference was also amazing. We spent a lot of time on iPad
rules, the Consecrated Missionary Talk by Elder Callister, and using
Family History in our missionary work more. Very well done.
A couple of weeks ago Elder Allison & Newbold got a boars head when
they helped a member move out. Well, last week in District Meeting
they introduced it as the "baptism boar" and whoever gets a baptism
has it hang in their apartment. It is now hanging in ours. It's kind
of creepy.

This Gospel is so amazing! I read Helaman 5 again a few days ago and
it blew my mind! New things are sticking out to me all the time. The
Book of Mormon is so true!
Last night for our Ward movie night we watched Ephraims Rescue. In a
few ways it reminded me of that faith healer I met last year, but
instead with the priesthood and consecrated oil.
Got to go.
Love y'all!
~Sister Carlson