Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sister Florida

Hey y'all!
Sorry I'm getting this to you late. We did bowling today.
Happy Mother's Day!!! We'll probably be doing calls at 7pm next Sunday
(our time). So...4pm for y'all? Yay!!! I wanna see Jessie's story
telling skills. This will be the last time I'll see you before coming
home. Just a reminder that next week is transfer week so emails and
stuff will be Tuesday. I got your letter dad!! Thanks! I love you!! :D
Favor from Jessie: I finished the one journal, do you remember our
conversation on that? If you could send me the "next one" (you pick)
that'd be great! In the meantime I'll write in my study journal. This
next one I'll try to finish quicker.
So mom asked me about the weather. It was overcast and rainy off and
on through this whole week. Apparently the Governor declared a state
of emergency for Southern Florida (the week before the temple
dedication). We just got a steady stream of rain that cooled
everything off. It was really nice. It was our week with the bikes,
but we seemed to manage to beg rides everywhere. looks more and more like gluten. Had a burger the other
day... :( no good.
Tuesday was trade offs with Sister Ashcraft in Whitehouse Ward!! I'm
reminded why I wouldn't want to go there. The iron in their water
makes it smell like rotten eggs :p. All their whites have turned
slightly orange, including Sister Ashcraft's hair. We had FHE at their
Bishops house with three recent converts and three investigators. It
was really fun!
Wednesday Sister McCann received a Florida Drivers License! Remember
her wallet w as lost? There is a black hole somewhere in our car.
We've lost the phone, her wallet, and now the card keys to our
complex!! (Not that we need them - the gates are broken and don't
close anymore). She couldn't get another one from her state cause
California requires you be present when you renew it. Now she's a
Thursday we had one of the most Spiritual District meetings
ever!!!!!!! Sister Carr set the tone taking her comments from the
General Conference talk "your four minutes". We ended up setting a
baptismal goal for the month of May for 14!! Really high for our area.
It was a really intense experience.
Friday we helped paint a house in the rain. It was outside, but the
walls were under the roof area so they weren't wet... It was fun!
Saturday we had a lesson with a Jamaican couple! I don't know if
they'll go anywhere, but their accents were really cool. There are a
lot of people from the Caribbean up here. Sister McCann was sick that
day so we didn't get too much else done.
Sunday was amazing!! There was a little investigator Sunday school
class at the Whitehouse Chapel instead of normal church because of the
dedication. K was originally not planning on going, but then she
called us the night before and changed her mind. We watched "Finding
Faith in Christ" and had a little testimony meeting afterward. It was
interesting how often the theme of Faith came up this week, especially
with this baptismal goal. K was the only person who wasn't a
missionary there.
The Temple Dedication was amazing! Because of the Sunday School class,
most of the missionaries went to the third session at 3pm. We lucked
out! Elder Christofferson AND president Uchdorf spoke. I think he only
spoke at the third one. (I did hear that the First Presidency's
Executive Secretary spoke at the second session though, that sounded
interesting). Before starting his talk, President Uchdorf commented on
people who fell asleep in church. He said it was the most healthy
sleep you can get! Church sleep! Very peaceful! He was really funny. I
wonder if any of my Gainesville people got to watch it.
Anyway. Got to get going. Still need to wash the car.

Talk to you soon!!
~Sister Carlson