Saturday, May 10, 2014

Memoir from Marci

What did I learn....

I'm glad I did the Master Cleanse even though I didn't like feeling weak the first four days. Today is day nine and I'm still feeling really good and having no sugar cravings! The book encourages the cleanser to be careful for a few days before eating regular food. Yesterday I had orange juice in the morning and a fruit salad for lunch. I went ahead and had a Cafe Rio salad with out the tortilla for dinner. I was supposed to wait one more day for the salad's and just have orange juice all day, but my stomach was fine. It's funny I was craving avocado so I cut up an avocado from home and added to it to my salad at the restaurant. Boy was it ever good!!!!!

I don't know how much I weigh because the main reason I did the fast was to help my addiction with carbs and sugar. I will continue to avoid these foods until hopefully my cholesterol is down and my clothes feel much more comfortable. In fact, the goal is to always avoid foods that will cause harm to my body. If I could just learn to eat really yummy foods in moderation. So for right now my yummy foods will be raw veggies, fruits, starchy potatoes, brown rice, and protein's. I'm glad I went on a new adventure last week and learned something new about myself. I hope I never have to do it again!!

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow to me and all the mom's around the world!