Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mia Shilom part 2

I just burned some of the french toast, had to start over again. This year was much easier for me when it came to cooking.  Last year I went home exhausted!!

I owe all my camp cooking skills to this great lady, Jeri. We have become great friends due to girls camp.

The little animal critters were always around being fed.

The Rhodes rolls got a little over heated. This is an awesome picture Tamra took.

Jeri made her famous Buttermilk Syrup that she got from Sister Lamb at camp years ago.  When she added the baking soda the syrup over flowed onto the dirt.  One of the critter's started drinking the wonderful liquid sugar and eventually just laid in it, drunk from happiness.

I couldn't show the photo due to complications. Oh well.

Working together activity.

 I had to show this photo because the leader on the far left also went to camp with us.  I couldn't find any pictures of her except one small profile. Her name is Coral and she brought her lovely granddaughter Bailey. We shared the same cabin and had a wonderful time! I sure have grown to love these girls and leaders.

One of the favorite activities every year!

Great memories!

Jen and Jess Mia Shilom 2010

Jess with her Young Women's group.
They grow up too fast!