Monday, August 4, 2014

Sister Florida

Hello everyone!!!
A lot went down this week. We were dropped by many people, we found
many people. After Tuesday things have kicked off!
Tuesday some scary stuff happened, and Sister Chamberlain and I
received Priesthood Blessings. (We weren't in any physical danger). It
was the second blessing I've had my whole mission. The first happened
when I transferred/got sick the first time out. I don't really
remember it that well because I was sick. Well, you know when a
blessing is powerful when it quotes and gives direction from your
Patriarchal Blessing.  Amazing! I feel like I was starting to unfocus
and get distracted (not trunkie, just distracted) and this experience
reminded me of my purpose. Next week is transfer week...that means I
only have one transfer left. I am SO grateful for my Heavenly Father
and his gentle reminders!!
I don't know if I've mentioned a gentleman we've been teaching named
B. B is an older gentleman that we started teaching just a
few days after I got here. I don't know why I haven't mentioned him
before. Gators seem to be getting more and more fickle and I'm getting
a little frustrated about that. Maybe that's why. B has been pretty
consistent though. We only see him once a week, maybe that's why I've
been weary. Daily contact or something close to it has the best
results. Anyway, B is a really intense investigator. If he prays, he
always thanks God that we came by and for the blood that runs through
our veins. He's been pretty good so far. He came to church for the
first time this past Sunday. Don't know how he liked it because
afterward he disappeared. Couldn't find where the High Priests met
soon enough. He did ask some questions to Sister Chamberlain during
sacrament that suggests that he ran into some Anti on the internet. I
am just about sick of anti.
I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting! I can't send you the talk this
time because I didn't write it down! Ooooh! That was a little
frightening. But since my topic was "teaching by the spirit" I felt
like I needed to speak by the Spirit :/. I might have gotten a little
carried away by the Spirit, cause I went on for 20 minutes. I spoke
with Sister Grundburg and Elder Cordon. I felt bad because I only gave
him five minutes to speak...
Thanks for the prayers! I feel their influence. In the blessing I
received Elder Allison said that "many people are praying for me, and
those prayers are remembered by Heavenly Father." They don't go
Thanks so much!!
Love, Sister Carlson