Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Spending time with Grandpa before we go back to school and work.

Other fun things that happened during Christmas break:

The coolest was snow on Christmas Day!
Singing Christmas carols together as a family Christmas morning before opening presents.
Favorite movies:  Hobbit, Into the Woods, Intersteller.
Jessie got all her mission papers in and had an interview with her YSA Stake President.
I got a new crown tooth!
Julz got a camera/ipod for her Washington DC trip this summer.
Jen got temple clothes, her dress looks beautiful on her.
I bet you can't guess what Jessie got for Christmas.
Jake got lots of tools.
GW got a nice new temple bag but it has a funny chemical smell inside so we might have to take it back.
After Christmas we walked around in Sears and I found a stationary bike on sale.
Cooked bacon and eggs with hash brown potatoes every morning.

One thing that wasn't so fun was that I had a bad cold. Singing for the Christmas program  was difficult.  I had to mouth some of the songs but I survived.  Luckily I wrapped all the presents three days before Christmas so Christmas Eve all I had to do was put the ham in the oven.  My cold is all gone now so at least I'll be ready for work on Monday.

2014 was a good year with lots of experiences to learn from and wonderful memories!