Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Perfect Spring Morning

It's been over thirty years since I have gone through a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  I'm so glad I got to go with GW and our two oldest daughters yesterday morning. Now I have a memory that will hopefully stay forever in my heart and my mind.  If I start to feel sad or down I hope I remember yesterday and be forever grateful for families. I thought of my mom in the temple and hoping she was there since she loved being with my children when they were young.  
I was also very impressed with the temple workers and their service helping others who are going through for the first time. All the workers had their parts memorized for a live session and most of them looked over seventy. Amazing.  My daughters were beautiful and filled with light and happiness. 
Another first was eating in the temple cafeteria after the 8:00 am endowment session. The food was very good and we enjoyed tasting one another's desserts. I believe heaven is here on earth. I felt so much gratitude and love to my Heavenly Father. The experience of being in the Lords temple was so wonderful that I felt it was a perfect spring morning.