Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saying goodbye; it's never easy.

Missionary Training Center May 13, 2015

Last family prayer together for eighteen months.

Getting a son or daughter ready for a mission can be exhausting. The good thing is that Jess got her call four months ago so we have been able to pace ourselves getting her read. This time there were a lot of good sales after Christmas so we got most of her comfy, quality shoes at Dillards.  Kristen Thomas invited us to a skirt party at her home. Jess picked out wonderful, beautiful skirts with big pockets. No ironing.
JC Penny's is probably one of my favorite stores. We got a darling rain coat 70% off and several modest summer polyester tops that look great.
The last store we spent a lot of time in was the Sister Missionary Mall. Yes their clothes are a little more expensive, but the quality is excellent and Jen, Sister Carlson's sister is still wearing her cute missionary clothes from Florida.
So Jess is now gone and I'll miss her beautiful smile and happy attitude. I'll also miss her singing and guitar playing. She often helped me with the computer.  If I ever needed help with something she could fix it or show me how to use a new form of technology. The best part was Jessie was patient with me, most of the time.
I'll just miss her all around. But she is happy where she's at so I'll be happy for her. 
I'm so grateful for my family, the Lord continues to bless us every day!