Thursday, July 23, 2015

Photo's of our house and yard.

If and when I get old, and have to move away from my home, I want to look at photo's of where I spent most of my married life raising our family. 

Halloween 2002
Halloween 2010

We've had many gatherings under the big shady trees. 
This is Jake's missionary return luncheon with his childhood friend Chris.

My oldest brother Kent and his family.
Paul and Diana and their cute little boy.
Jen's missionary companion who came to hear her speak at church.

Back Yard

Planted a Norway Maple tree last fall. .  I got it free from the city.

Front door

Jake's Birthday Party 1999

Family Room
New TV 2014

Christmas Past
Probably around 1997. I know we had someone who was tiny that year because the tree is only decorated half way.


Where most my fondest memories have taken place.

Living Room
Jewels is a little blurry.
My new couches 2014

Mike Carson has been a wonderful teacher throughout the years!

Jess and Julz's room.
This used to be Jake's old room and his red bunkbed.

Jewels changed Jake and Jessie's old room into her own original bedroom.

Jen's room
One day when I wasn't home, the girls talked GW into moving our old entertainment cabinet into Jen's room. They wanted to be able to watch movies in bed and play video games.

I usually always make my bed better than this.

My mother made the quilt and GW made the cedar chest in high school.

The view outside my bathroom window.

My unfinished bonus room.
This is where I store all my stuff as well as the kids stuff. If I need to get away and organize, this is where I go.  The windows also have the best views.