Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sister San Diego

Not going to lie, getting up at 4 this morning to drop off a bunch of
sisters at the airport was suuuuper sad. I cried as I told Sister
Pilkington farewell. I cried as I thanked Sister Cava.
Ha! Didn't cry when Sister Stew walked away but eh, I'll see her in a
few days ;)
Looking forward to the new transfer! So many amazing sisters, so many
miracles! The excitement in my heart is mucho. Sister E and I are at
it again in Mt. Woodson YSA! Love Poway. But not the smell.
Our zone has become pretty small. There's a lot of white washing going
on! Sister Starr is white wash training. Again. And her trainEE sister
Vernier is training too! My family is growing! ;)
Killed my Grandmother today though. We mourn.
Sister Clarke from UC 2nd was my angel today! Declaring to me good
tidings of great joy! Ah! She just told me about a few of the people I
taught while serving my time in that Ward and I couldn't help but feel
so happy. Might explode. Might.
So Westin is excited as ever for his baptism next month. He's going to
town on picking speakers, music, you name it. This next week, we'll be
taking him to the Mormon Battalion. Stoked! I also realized that I
love those I teach. Teaching the gospel and seeing people change and
become happier because of it is more than words.
For this next one... Don't judge.
We had district meeting. We took a zone picture. I fell off a chair.
No one noticed.
I have a blower flack the size of Texas on the right side of my body.
It's pretty colorful.
We helped him practice again this week but this time we took the Elders. Prime.
We could tell he was a bit nervous so the night before we stalked his
car and wrote "YOU CAN DO IT!" Notes and stuck um all over his car.
Next time he saw us, he was all "UH! If I could hug you right now, I
would! That was awesome!" Rodge Greg.
Also, last Sunday, Greg and Rodrigo got into a fight about who would
hug me first after I was released from being a missionary.. I don't
Rodrigo: "just share man."
Greg: "I don't share!"
What? If it were my way.. I would just never stop being a missionary!
Good idea? Yes.
DINNER WITH JENELLE! I sometimes get so excited I start crying. That
didn't happen this time but it almost did. Ah... Jenelle though. She
talked about how excited she was for her new calling and getting to go
to the temple... BAH! Recent converts :D
They strengthen my faith so much. As we were walking her out to her
car, it was brought up how we thought it was cool she was a model. She
stopped and asked us how we knew (probably Brig but I don't
remember..). She frowned and explained "I don't want people to know me
for my looks. Models have a brain and a heart too! I want to be
remembered for my faith."
... Jenelle.
K, but if she actually becomes famous. That's cool. BUT SHE IS REALLY
SMART! Studied in the Philippines :) I told her about all my friends
that serve or have served there! Jenelle... JENELLE! I could go in for
days but I'll cease.
Eva's baptism was amazing! (Hector's mom!) the spirit was so solid I
could hardly breath. She thanked me for singing even though I didn't
know what I was saying. I didn't need to. Hector has been on fire! He
knows what he needs to do to focus on the savior and come closer to
I don't know if I've raved enough about Sister 'Eukaliti. I love her
so much. Right now, she's jumping around the room because she found
out her dad is the new Ward Mission leader back in Tonga. We've really
gotten into the swing of things and I love it.
We are both SO pumped for this new transfer.
Easter week!
This Thursday, ponder on the sacrifice Christ made in Gethsemane.
Friday, his death on the cross.
Lastly, for this Easter Sunday, rejoice! The tomb is empty, he lives!
Because he lives... Fill in the blank.
I love you all! Happy Easter!
-Sister Carlson
Sister Stewart

Our bungalow