Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sister San Diego

The work!
We added two investigators this last week! There name's are S
and M S. They've come to church consistently for the past 3
weeks! When we met with them, ah! It was like a picture perfect
missionary lesson. They've both had hard pasts but they both accepted
the invitation to be baptized on July 16th!

Sister Davis from New York City ;)
Born and raised in the church! She's spunky and enjoys writing! She
wants to either be a journalist someday or a comedian news reporter!
What? Yes it's great :D

I know that we will continue to see so many miracles with this new
sister as we continue to be obedient and have fun! I hope that one day
she feels the same way I do about my mission.
Zone Meeting was fantastic! All about the Book of Mormon!
Here are some of my thoughts!
Faith to reap
"It's not about you sister Carlson. Your really can't do it. You
can't. But the lord can. Have faith"
Hope. How can ye have faith if you don't hope?
Hope comes first. What is it ye shall hope for? The atonement.
But if you don't have faith in the atonement, ye have no hope.
They come together. You can't have one without the other.
You have to accept not only his will but his timing.
Thank God for unanswered prayers.
some bad things happen even when we pray that they won't.
We cannot expect the lord to guide our footsteps if we won't get up
and move our feet.
You don't need to be perfect. Just persistent.
Love you!
Go be persistent :)
-Sister Carlson