Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sister San Diego

Longest week of my mission for all the right reasons :)
SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! Some good, some bad, but all is well!

Heh... I just reminded myself of something Jeffery R Holland spoke to
us about a few weeks ago (Note: I might just be quoting the man for
the rest of my life.. And I'm okay with this)
"You are doing as close to the work of the quorum of the 12 apostles
or first presidency work you will ever do. Never again in your life
will you have this chance. DON'T MISS IT! This only comes once. Grab
it, embrace it, and soak up everything this offers. Don't think is
this good or bad? It's all good. Even the tough days. Those can be the
best of all. Sometimes it takes more faith not to be healed"
Thoughts that have been stirring in my mind and heart this last week:
During one of our companionship studies, Sister Essymba told Sister
Davis and I about what she had been learning in Alma. The Sons of
Mosiah coming back off their 14 year missions! She paused to look up
and ask the two of us: "If the Lord called you, would you be willing
to extend your mission 14 years?" She waited then answered herself: "I
tell everyone I meet that I came on this mission because I love the
Lord... But I don't know if I could do that"
Sister Davis agreed with her.
I didn't need a moment to reflect. With an overwhelming spirit I told
my two very dear sisters that if the Lord in that very minute were to
ask me to stay, I would stay.  Both a bit critical with my quick
response retorted "but for 14 years?"
Again without hesitation, I answered "Yes. My Mission has meant
EVERYTHING to me. There is nothing on this earth that has made me more
happy than missionary work. If the Lord were to ask me to stay, and
not just for the 14 years but the rest of my life, I would indeed
spend my years preaching his Gospel. ESPECIALLY if he himself asked me
to do so."
I now turn the question and ask all of you; if the Lord were to call
you RIGHT NOW to go, would you go? If he were to ask you to stay,
would you stay?
I Love this work. I do.
I've mentioned it time and time again how I never want to stop. SO I
WONT! I will forever have the name of my savior in my heart and on my
lips so that all will know: in him I trust. As for now? I will
completely dedicate all my time and attention on the work at hand.
Like Jeffery R Holland states, you only have this chance once. Don't
miss it. The time is far spent!