Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sister San Diego

Hello! Welcome to the inside of Sister Carlson's brain. Glad you could make it :)

Okay, so I'll be honest. I'm having a hard time finding the drive to write y'all today BUT ALAS! All is well. My heart is just heavy. Sister Essymba left Sister Davis and I for El Cajon. EL CAJON! I know... It's hot. But it's also the land of miracles so I know she'll work wonders there. I JUST MISS MY AFRICAN! Huuhh.. Just keep typing fingers. You can do it. Heaven is cheering you on.

La Jolla has never been so on FIRE! With the work.. and also the sun. I'm kind of, sort of, might be, perhaps SUPER grateful to be serving next to the ocean. It's still been pretty hot though. My heart finds joy in thinking the rest of the mission is miserable. I know.. rude. I can't help it! #blessed

My dearest Mother died today. Sister Starr... Tear for the fallen. And Elder Pierce. Woof. Missionaries headed home right and left. I adore them all.

Let me tell you about my week.
Ha. Look at my fingers go. I'm proud.

So! Last preparation day, we literally spent the entire day in the temple!
I LOVED IT! Ah the San Diego temple. Refuge.
Until next week!
Sister Carlson

Z walking up and telling me about his mom's baptism and Mia's confirmation.
W popping up behind him with a BIIIG smile on his face. (Never before have I on my mission had so much of a dang hard time not hugging another human being. THAT BOY)
H pratically skipping over to give me a hug before the meeting started.
E passing the sacrament (don't know why but this finally had me in tears)
H walking in 15 minutes late but just BEAMING! The tears continued.
AND THEN V! She grabs me right before we're about to head out and nods what seemed like a hundred times with this excited LOOK in her eye. Finally I take the hint to follow her eyes and where are they? My name tag. I slapped my badge and from what I can remember (excuse my lack of brain, I was just too emotional and excited) yelled "V!!!"
She had started her Papers earlier that week and Z told me he was headed out most likely in November. H CAME ON SPLITS WITH ME EARLIER and told me she had an appointment with the patriarch and wants to serve a mission as well.
As I walked out of that meeting, I couldn't contain the tears. 

I admire all of the recent converts I have been blessed to serve around. God is always too good and I will forever be grateful.

JUST KNOW! That joining the church doesn't mean you're the only convert to it. Pick up the mirror of eternity and reflect. We should all be converts.