Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sister San Diego

So a few days ago, a child barked at us. Like a dog.


How has your week been? Humorous? If not, that's okay. Ours was.

We had dinner with Mitt Romney's neighbor a while back, and as we
taught the restoration... Halfway through, she decided to be Muslim.
What? I know... She did a pretty good job though... Top notch.

Sister Davis has a hidden talent! She can fall asleep in any
situation. I don't know if this is a blessing or malady... For
example: During her 12 weeks training, we set up a role-play. We
Identified who she would to practicing for, what the concern would be,
and a few possible replies she could try. I look down, I look up.
I must say... At the time I was confused. I grabbed my iPad to show
her evidence when she came to. We look back and just laugh.

THAT'S ALL I DO! Laugh! All the time. Sometimes too loudly.. I'm working on it.
JUST KNOW! That being a missionary is the funniest thing in the
universe. I have been smiling through out my entire mission. I have
happy wrinkles to prove it! In fact... Now that I'm thinking about it,
that was one of Sister Davis' first comments she made when viewing a
picture of me a year ago. "You look a lot older"... My child. Why do
this to me.
My friends, If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right. Take
time to pause and reflect, there is joy in the journey. God wants you
to be happy and I must say... He has a GOOD sense of humor. We get

Ahhhhhh there's no time.
Taking April to the Battalion this week. Milagros.
PM families for days.
YSA's doing what YSA's do. Milllaaagrrrooosssss.
Ending on a spiritual note. I love the Book of Mormon. I do. With all
of my heart. Bishop Walton asked me to specifically share my testimony
of the Book of Mormon this week in the middle of combined RS and EQ.
How it has blessed my life and the lives of those whom I have taught.
I spoke of miracles and examples I've seen: Janelle, Westin, Karen De
La Cruz, and finally myself. That Book has changed my life. I am the
person I am today because of it.
If you haven't read it.. READ IT! Everyday everyday everyday. Let it
do to you what it did for me. How? Pray with faith. Not knowing right
now is okay!
From one of my pals in La Jolla YSA:
"Not knowing is not a "bug" in the Plan of Salvation, it's a feature"
I love you all. Keep on readin' on!
-Sister Carlson
P.S. We found a Dragon

Creepy fake man.

Sister Davis sleeping.