Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sister San Diego

So much has happened this week... Feels like it's been years. But as
our Brazilian investigator would say: TOO-DUH-BAY!
Translation: All is well... HA! ;)

Hmm... Let me ponder.

Over the last several days, we've been leaving several messages on the
AP's phone. The latest voicemail concluded with a classic Sister
Carlson moment:
"Thanks for all that you do Elders! We say these things in the name
of.. Wait..."
Instead of deleting and repeating the entire message, I left it as is.
It's been a good week :)

Speaking of random phone activity, President called us yesterday. We
had quite the conversation with the man. Do you know what it ended
with? HIM SINGING TO ME! I had simply asked him about something for
this upcoming Mission President's Devotional, and he closes with
"Sister Carlson, you run those things, you'd probably know more about
what's going on than I do."
....This Mission.... I thought it was bad with Sister Schmitt...
Nay... My Mission President has jumped on bored.
What to do? I know not. Let them keep riding this train until I leave
apparently. But as Sister Wilson so eloquently stated last week...
This might follow me even after the day I die. #SpiritWorld

At least my daughter doesn't make fun of me. Walking home a few days
ago she whispered: "I'm going to miss your random outbursts of song.
You're like my personal radio. I'll miss your voice..."

My child.

many Milagros!

I'll just skip to my favorite part:
YES! It actually happened :) After 15 months apart, we were FINALLY
companions once again for 24 hours. Did the world explode? I would
like to think so. Not going to lie, it was one of the best days of my
mission. There are no words to describe my love for her. I'll let you
in on just SOME of the miracles we saw:

Started the day with our studies and guess what we both focused on? Love.
One of the first people we met during power hour with one of our
recent converts Lei was a woman named Deborah. She gave us all a pins
that said: "It's all about love". Both our eyes shot up and met with
sparks of recognition and humor. God is good.

Sister Whitcomb could literally contact every Hispanic person in
sight. Makes me feel as though I haven't taken full advantage of my
time here in San Diego. My Spanish vocab is constrained to: "Mui
Bonita!"  Ah... Sister Saedan

We almost died in an elevator together. Never again.

Sister Whitcomb's reaction to a near death experience? Laughter. Mine?
In my brain: "well... If I'm going to die, I would want it to be with
Sister Sarah Jane Whitcomb".
We lived. HA! But really.. Never again.

Met a fantastic little girl named L. She went to girls camp and
has been coming to church for the last few weeks. As we stood there
talking with this bright beam of a child, I was overwhelmed with love
for both of these two wonderful women. L accepted the invitation to
be baptized and told us she had already been reading from the Book of
Mormon. It made me smile. The only thing that made my grin grow bigger
was having the opportunity to teach with my best friend.

I could never say it enough but I LOVE Sister Whitcomb. With all of my
heart. She has been an example to me my entire mission. It was an
honor to see how much she has grown in the past 15 months and I am
just so grateful. I could never repay her for all that she has done
for me. Our day together will be one I never forget.
I Love you Sarah Jane Whitcomb.
Other miracles of the week!

Our investigator Wadia, after having everything that could go wrong,
GO WRONG in her life, finally met with us. We happened to contact her
right as her car was breaking down. We got her a ride. She told us
that she was sorry for the lack of commitment but knew that God was
watching out for her. Accepted the invitation to be baptized this
month. No coincidences.

We met a Sea Captain named J. He was sitting on a park bench, and
as we approached him, he smiled knowingly up at us. "I've been
watching you two and wondered when you'd come find me." We smiled and
asked him if he knew of any service opportunities in the area. "Wow
what?" His ENTIRE demeanor changed. He had been so prepared to
rebuttal any discussion on religion that he was completely caught off
guard. It was great. "That was the last thing I thought would come out
of your mouth. What a coincidence, I have a friend that could use a
hand. I really respect that." No coincidences.

Oh my goodness I'm so excited to tell this story my fingers are
shaking! HAAHHAA!
A few days ago we had a lesson with April first thing in the morning.
The two original women that had asked to come with us were
unavailable. The bishop volunteered his wife. On the drive over to
April's house, Sister Walton was sharing with us her mother's
conversion story that she had just so happened to have read the day
before that her mother JUST SO HAPPENED to have sent her.
During April's lesson, she brought up a concern that she had about
being baptized.. Well.. It was more of a question. AND WHAT WAS THE
EXACT ANSWER?!? Sister Walton's mom's conversion story. Sister Walton,
then in tears, retold her mother's experience to April answering
alllll of her questions and hushing all of her fears. No coincidences.

The Lord doesn't do random.

I know that if you are truly on the Lord's errand, you WILL see more
of his hand in your life. I commit you all to pray for these
opportunities. Often times, he'll answer your prayers or the prayers
of others with people. Mine was answered with a girl named Sister

I love you all! Keep on Keepin' on :)