Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sister San Diego

Story time.
We haven't had story time in a while.
EHEM! Once upon a time,
we lost our phone.. then we lost our car... THEN WE LOST OUR MINDS!
BUT! All is well, the Sister Training Leaders swooped in and saved the day ;)
Sisters Whitcomb and Chang!!!! They've been driving us around all day.
Don't worry... We didn't really loose the car. The temple just stole
How has everyone been doing?!?!? :D
This week we had a bit of a laugh as we walked upstairs from the
institute. We knocked on the door to find Elder Bird taking a video of
the street. "Sisters, the President just drove by."
"WHAT? We missed President Schmitt?!?"
"Not the President of the Mission. The President of the United States
of America."
Turns out Obama was our neighbor for a few hours. Who would have thunk.
The entourage of policemen on motorcycles was endless.
We then taught Grace about ETERNAL FAMILIES! Wow. I've never had such
a hard time trying to tell another human being about my family getting
sealed in the temple. My words just couldn't make it out because the
tears kept getting in the way. THE SPIRIT! My chest was on FIRE.
My love for Grace has expanded so much this week! Wednesday we took a
trip to the Mormon Battalion! As the Joseph Smith movie ended, I once
again felt impressed to just flat out ask Grace if she knew if Joseph
Smith was a true prophet of God. She AGAIN answered with a solid YES.
We're so excited for Grace :)
It was such an amazing experience! I'm so humbled and grateful to have
had the chance to teach the both of them. Watching these two commit
their lives to God and step into the waters of baptism... There really
is no greater joy. Tears (surprise surprise) spilt down my face as A
came back up out of the water with a HUGE smile on her face. I've
never seen someone give up so much of their past life to follow the
example of the Savior. She has overcome immense trials.. I just...
Couldn't stop SOBBING. The tears continued as the Zone Leaders gave a
presentation of the Restoration of the Gospel. Elder Taunauta (from
Tonga) bore a POWERFUL testimony of the Book of Mormon and the room
seemed to warp time as his words suddenly sent me back a few months to
being with my companion Sister 'Eukaliti. Honestly my heart broke and
I missed that TONGAN so much. I will forever be influenced and changed
by her faith and friendship. Ofa atu punk..
Aly thought that she would be cold after having been in the water so
she bought a onesie specifically for her baptism. She also got a tie
for K as a baptism gift. Heeeee :D
Their confirmations were fantastic. A's mentioned not letting the
past define her but refine her. K's talked about dating.. We all
smiled :)
As A sat back down next to me, I turned my head with a big smile and
whispered "YOU'RE A MORMON NOW A"
It took everything Kristine and A had not to cry. Laughing.
I also went on member splits to the Linda Vista 1st family Ward with
WADIA! We accompanied P as she's transitioning from YSA in
preparation for her daughter, Mira's arrival. We discussed faith in
Sunday School and I had the chance to bare my testimony on the faith
of a missionary. Everything we do is led by faith. I talked about how
we fasted and prayed to find more people to teach. What happened?
P, A, K, and Grace happened. All within that same week.
The teacher looked at P and I and smiled saying "I'm glad you found her!"
P embraced me and responded "we found each other."
I love this work. More than anything.
Keep the faith my friends. Always fast and pray for missionary
opportunities. God will answer you prayers. Why? Because he wants you
and others to be happy. Nothing will bring you greater joy in this
life than missionary work :)
-Sister Carlson

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