Saturday, January 7, 2017

San Diego Part 3

Jess took us to a great taco shrimp place and this was our view.
 Touring the grounds at night.

Last day and awesome weather.

La Jolla Beach

GW and I stayed in San Diego for our honeymoon twenty-six and a half years ago. We really like the climate, beauty and the ocean air!

After spending seven days in a beautiful warm place it was hard to come back to the fog and cold snow. I'm sure Jessie will make many trips back.. San Diego has become her second home. I'm thankful that we got to spend quality time together as a family. Serving a mission has changed both Jessie and me. I value our time together. I try and stay more positive as a mother. Now that everyone is getting older and moving on I'm having a hard time accepting change. It was nice to get away and renew relationships. My heart is full and at peace. I feel much gratitude to my Heavenly Father for such a beautiful world and a wonderful life!