Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Busy Week

My friend Julie Holman's husband got called to be our new Stake President today. They are going to be awesome!

The General Authorities that came to our conference were Elder's Donald Hallstrom and Jorg Klebingat. 

 Both General Authorities were very tall.. Elder Hallstrom was a bigger man and had such a kind sweet spirit. He jokingly stated that the higher the office the kinder the man. I believe him.

I was so touched by Elder Klebingat's conversion story. He said that he attended a musical event in Germany when he was eighteen. He noticed a young man at the event who looked out of place. Later he found out that the young man just lived six miles from his home town at a military base with his family. Elder Klebingat was invited to the young man's home. He could feel something different about the home. When he went up stairs to his friends room he found out he was a mormon. Elder Klebingat had never heard of the mormons. The young man's mother came into the room when her son was talking about the church. She then sat down on her son's bed and looked at Elder Klebingat and told him that the church was true. That visit changed his life and he started attending a small branch close to his home.
Stake Conference was so uplifting and now GW will be gone for a week to Colorado. I will miss him. Already our house is full of young adults. I think my girls think it's party time when dad leaves. Go figure.

Another nice photo of Jenny and JJ.

Jessie's former missionary companion Sister Weidman. She is from Switzerland and was able to stay with us for a few days. Then she attended Women's Conference at BYU.

Julz got to go to the UCAS Prom with Matthew our neighbor.  Rachel, Matthew's mom made a great waffle bar for their dinner.

A shout out to Betsy Croft for helping Julie with her hair again!