Thursday, June 1, 2017

San Diego

Jess had to take one last trip to San Diego. This time she took childhood friend and neighbor Hanna.

 Potato Chip Rock

They went for eight days all by themselves. Yes I was worried since they were driving in Hanna's family car. But they made it back safe and sound with good memories to remember.

 GW and I spent one night at the Hotel Coronado on our Honeymoon twenty-eight years ago. Hanna, Jessie and Lily liked sitting on the same beach watching Navy guys go by.

 La Jolla

Hanna got to meet my favorite couple Jared and Jennie.

Former Sister Missionary, Sister Lily Atwood met up with the girls for some beach time, and to attend Mission President's Farewell Reunion.

Hanna, Lily, and Jessie