Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tonsils, Youth Conference, and the 4th of July

Jen got her tonsils and adenoids out on the 28th of June. She has the entire month of July to recover before she starts getting ready to teach Science at Payson Jr. High. It's been a week and she is still having a hard time eating, talking, and sleeping. Doctor Money informed us the older you get the harder the recovery. He was right! JJ has been a great comfort to Jenny and I sure have appreciated it!

Youth Conference was great fun up at Pineview Reservoir. The lake was beautiful and Huntsville Utah was very green.  I slept in our little two man pup tent with one air mattress, one thick foam mattress, two thin foam mattresses and two sleeping bags. I was comfortable and slept pretty good until the last night. The campers next to us drank too much beer.

Indy Jaines and Katie Tuinei
That's my ghostly figure in the background. he he

 Taylor Beorge and Tanner Sorensen

Ho'ola and Kekau Arakaki showing off their muscle's and giving the Moana sign.

Country dancing at the Huntsville Stake Center

Julz enjoying the ten minute skits.

Eden Utah's ropes course.

 Sophia Schetselar

Last day ended with a testimony morning side under the pavilion. I'm glad the stake needed more leaders and drivers for Youth Conference. I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in a tent and having no shower.  But the experience was very worthwhile and I'm glad I went. Having extra mattresses also helped.

July 4, 2017
Provo High Marching Band got new uniforms! They sounded great for the Freedom Festival Parade and looked awesome!!
 Julz and her sax.
Getting ready to march.

Jessie enjoying the 4th with Jesse up at the Homestead Resort in Heber Utah.
Carter Family

Jacob smoked me a large brisket on our Treager for the 4th. That's all I wanted for my birthday this year. A great big, tender, yummy piece of meat that would last me a few days. I didn't realize what all goes into preparing a good smoked barbecue. I was very grateful.
GW took us to to see Wonder Woman at the theater in the afternoon. It was great to be inside air conditioning. The movie felt very patriotic even though it took place in Europe and on the island of Themyscira. 
I couldn't get over how pretty and strong Wonder Woman was. I give her a thumbs up rating.

Utah County Fireworks 2017