Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chow Mein

     Today I learned how to cook a delicious noodle chow mein for four hundred students and around twenty adults.  I felt a little over whelmed when my trainer, teacher, head cook, M looked at me while cooking and informed me that next time I was on my own. Scary!  M has been so patient with me these past six months, I have been very blessed when it comes to learning how to function in a school kitchen with such great ladies to work with.  We are constantly dancing to latin music on the radio. All except K, she won't dance.
     Nevertheless, the chow mein turned out great and I just might try the recipe at home.  Smaller quantities of course.

You take:
     6 heads of purple cabbage
     2 lg. bags of baby carrots
     6 stalks of celery
     10 lg. onions
     One heavy duty food processor with 3 different slicers

Cook in extra large wok with Canola oil.
Divide the veggies into thirds since you won't be able to cook all at once.
In three extra large cake pans, chop two large bags of Chinese noodles in each pan.
Mix the veggies evenly and stir with four cups of soy/teriyaki sauce in each pan as well.
Steam for one hour and vwa la!
It's not only yummy but healthy and colorful.

Serve with orange chicken and the kids will love it!