Friday, February 10, 2012

Sister Whitney

     When I was getting ready to leave the MTC back in 1980, I was approached by a senior sister missionary. Her name was Sister Dangerfield.  She was from West Bountiful and was going to the same mission as I was, Rochester New York,  known as The Cradle of the Restoration mission.  Back then, the church let the "senior" missionaries take their own car to the mission field and since Sister Dangerfield was a widow, she asked if I would drive to New York with her.  As much as I liked flying I thought it would be an adventure to drive across the United States.

     We drove through Iowa, where I was born and lived until the age of seven.  I have fond memories of the white house on the hill with huge pine trees and all kinds of other trees.

Our white house was older with a big screen porch in the front.  My brothers and I had a great time playing outside.

There was even an old cemetery above our house where we played on cannons probably from the civil war. We also played around an angel statue.  It took Sister Dangerfield and I a while to find it, but when we did I was very excited.

 After Iowa we drove to Kirkland, Ohio.  Even though I'm not related to Newel K. Whitney, I had to see his store.  We also went to the Kirkland Temple, which is owned by a different church, but it was still in pretty good condition.

              Finally, we made it to New York and we were happy to begin our missionary service.
                               Here is Sister Dangerfield and I at the top of the Hill Cumorah.
                                 Kind of blurry, I  wasn't the best camera person.

     One of the first things I learned was that our Mission President's wife had been a Catholic Nun for over twenty-five years.  Her name was Sister Curtis and she was so kind and warm when we first met that I have never forgotten her. 
To be continued.