Monday, January 2, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

   A week before Thanksgiving, three friends from high school days wanted to meet for lunch at Thanksgiving Point.  One now lives in Virginia and was visiting family in Utah.  The other two live in Northern Utah.  It's been a while since we've seen each other, so I was looking forward to catching up.  I enjoyed every minute hearing about their families and talking about some of the things we did together after high school graduation.  Three of us went back east to be nannies, which was fun to remember.  Two of us actually lived in the same neighborhood and spent our days off together.  We lived close to New York City and we went to the Big Apple one day a week from June to December.  Taking the train and going to the city was quite the adventure.  My favorite outing was going to  a broadway play and eating at some yummy restaurant afterwards.  The two plays I enjoyed the most were, "Annie"and "The King and I", with the one and only Yul Brynner.  He was much older so we took our binoculars so we could see up close.  I remember Yul having a lot of makeup on.
     I learned to tip everywhere we went, including the lady in the restroom who handed you a paper towel after washing your hands.  You always gave the taxi driver a tip and one time we took a flight shuttle to Washington D.C. and we tipped the man who helped us with our luggage to our hotel room.  It was great when you got on the plane you would hand the stewardess a ticket after you sat down that you purchased at the airport. (kind of like taking a train ride) I remember on  our flight back to LaGuardia Airport flying over New York City at night and being in awe at all the lights.
     One night coming to my nanny home after a day full of shopping and sight seeing in the big city we noticed all the houses and buildings were dark.  When I got home to the family I worked for their lights were off and candles were everywhere.  The power had shut down every where including NYC.  It is now known as the, "Big Black Out of 1977".  Stores were looted and some people were out of control.  I'm just glad we made it home safe!
     Here is a picture right after high school graduation when we spent a weekend at the Homestead up in Heber City.  A few days after two of us flew back east for six months, one got married a year later and the other two went to rival universities.  I'm the one wearing the goofy sun glasses.