Monday, January 9, 2012


     Last week we went to the Provo School District Reflections program to watch Jewels play the musical composition she had written.  Come to find out, Reflections has been going on for over forty years.  I don't remember Reflections being promoted at my older kids former elementary school as much as it is at Amelia Earhart Elementary. Maybe I wasn't as motivated  about it back then.  For the past four years, Jewels has wanted to participate in most of the categories including literature, 3D art, dance, and this year in music.

     Around September, she came to me and asked what kind of music I thought she should compose.  The theme was, "Diversity Means".  Since Jewels grew up playing with stuffed animals instead of dolls, I mentioned to her that maybe she could write something about animals.  Well, it just so happened a few weeks later, we had a wood pecker on top of our house pecking away one morning.  Finally, I told the girls to go scare the bird away so it wouldn't put a hole in our roof.  Jewels came back into the house with excitement saying that she had never seen a wood pecker before.  She told me there were actually two of them, one being very colorful.  I told her the colorful one was probably a male. Why is it that most of the males in the animal kingdom are more colorful and pretty than the females?  Anyway, Jewels was inspired from that day on.  Not only did she come up with music about a wood pecker, but she also added a donkey, tiger, owl, and kangaroo.

     See if you can hear them: