Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Mom

Tonight I have a prayer for my mom.
First of all I really miss you.
You've been gone for almost eight years.
When you came to visit your grandchildren
there was excitement in our home.
I hope they don't forget you, I know I won't.
Thanks for all the long hours you spent in my behalf.
Long ago we never had much money, but you always sewed
me such beautiful clothes.
I didn't realize how much work that must have been.
I do now because sewing is very hard for me.
You were very supportive in my life.
I know you carried heavy burdens.
I wish I had been more grateful and helpful to you.
The neat thing is I know your still alive, I just can't
see you.
Sometimes I think I can feel you near.
I also know we will be together again.
You had strong faith.
Now I need to be strong for my family.
Thanks for everything!
I love you mom.