Thursday, April 26, 2012

Journey To The Gym

My journey to the gym has ended for a while.  I had to buy other important things instead of renewing my membership.  That's ok since the weather has been great and I really like to go walking outside early in the morning.  I did learn some new lessons last month.  One of them was purchasing quality exercising shoes.  JC Penny's had a good sale on Women's Nike running shoes so I bought a pair of Nike Reax 6 for $60.00.  They have the mechanical heal cushioning system that provides superior cushioning and stability.  They are lightweight, comfortable and stylish!
The back of my ankles have been bothering me so I hope these shoes work out.
I've also decided not to go back to the school kitchen next fall.  It's been a great experience but the physical work is just not what I was looking for.
I'll miss my new friends that I've worked with these last nine months.