Monday, June 18, 2012

Another kind of Taco Salad

A new recipe I've been cooking a lot lately is another meal I learned from the school kitchen.  Every time we served taco salad for the kids at Sunset View Elementary I noticed the meat was cooked different.  It tasted really good but I couldn't figure out how the head cook prepared it.  Finally last month I asked her.

(Measure by the size of your family)

Brown hamburger and cut up onion
Add a can of red kidney beans (drained)
Cut up lots of fresh tomatoes
Season with chili powder in large quantities
Add salt and pepper for taste
Stir and let simmer for about fifteen minutes

It sounds simple but it sure is good over taco chips.
Then you swamp the top with lettuce, salsa, cheese and lots of sour cream.
That's the healthy part.
If you have any kind of Vinegarette in the fridge that adds an extra zip.
We use Vadalia Onion Vinegarete Salad Dressing from Sam's Club.

I cook this weekly and we still haven't gotten tired of it.
It's easy, fast, and makes a great summer meal.