Sunday, December 9, 2012


We did it!  We stood in line for an hour and a half in the freezing wind and took our first ride on the Utah FrontRunner train. Thank goodness we dressed warm because we didn't seem to mind the wait . That is until my feet started to get cold.  I told the girls to wear two pairs of socks and for some reason I thought I would only need one pair. (Wrong) As we got closer to the front we kept changing our plans.  UTA buses provided heaters for women and small children which I thought was a great idea.  There were a few times I almost got on one of the buses but we just kept hopping around stomping our feet.  

 Our main goal was to get a seat on the double decker part of the train.  It was still light outside so we wanted a really good view.  But when it came time for our turn to get on the train we were at the very end.  So, we could wait twenty more minutes more for the next train or just scramble for a seat.  The excitement was to much and I was done with the cold! We found one seat for two and squished our bodies together as the train started to move.  Jess suggested Julz sit on her lap since they both wanted to be by the window.

I was surprised how smooth and quiet the train was.  The windows must have been tinted because where I was sitting I couldn't see out very well but I think it was due to the bright lights that were inside of the train.  I didn't care it was just fun being with my girls.  

The next thing we heard was a voice over the speaker announcing Orem City was our next stop.  As we pulled up to the terminal there was another long line waiting to get on.  By the looks on every ones faces they were anxious as well.  I was surprised that more people were allowed on since there were no seats left.  But once again everyone seemed excited to be riding for free to Salt Lake City so the rest of the bodies just stood in the middle or where ever there was a spot by a window.

The FrontRunner continued to make stops along the way and each stop had lots of people waiting their turn for the historical event.  As we got closer to the city we noticed snow was on the ground and I could hear people talking about going to Temple Square to see the lights.  That meant another plan change for us.  Did we want to follow the big crowds to see the lights or wait for everyone to clear out and dart for the top seats of the train above us.  I definitely did not want to wait in line again so the decision was made, we were going to stay on the train and go right back to Provo.

Julie was a little disappointed since she has never been to Temple Square to see the lights.  I told her that there was a good possibility we could take the train again during school break.  In all the experience was fun and I am glad for a different option of traveling to the city.  We were excited to see familiar faces from our neighborhood. There were a few families with small children who got fussy but in all every one seemed patient and happy to be riding on a train.