Monday, December 3, 2012


This year our family went to my close friends house for Thanksgiving.  We ended up sharing the cooking with another friend and her husband which made it much easier to prepare our favorite dishes.  The food turned out great and nothing was burned or over cooked.  I think my favorite new dish this year was the mashed cauliflower.  Pam made it and it turned out delicious!  I learned how to make it for school lunches last year.  I don't think I'll ever eat mashed potatoes again if cauliflower is on the menu.

Afterwards we played two fun games. The first game was about what you would do in case of an emergency. It's called, "The Worst-Case Scenario Game of Surviving Life".  One of the questions was, How to get the most nourishment from a frog.  A. Skin it, cook it and eat the whole thing.  B. Eat only the legs, the rest of the frog contains toxins that may cause nausea and headaches.  C. Boil the frog, discard its intestines and consume the rest. Half of the group got it right, the answer was A.

The second game was my favorite.  Jake's good friend Alec spent Thanksgiving with us since his parents were in Belgium. He taught us how to play a fun charades game using famous names.  My name was the hardest since I wrote down Baby Bop from Barney.  Nobody could remember her since we haven't watched the show in years.  Anyway, it was a fun evening with only a few stressful moments.

Later that week we drove to Salt Lake City to spend time with GW's dad who will be eighty-seven this February.  Jake mowed all of Grandpa's leaves in his yard and then we had dinner at Crown Burger.  My calorie intake was much more then usual last week but in all we had a memorable holiday.  Thanks to good weather the roads were easy access and we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with good friends and loved ones.